This course aims to:

• Provide the fundamental principles of the Montessori philosophy

• Provide opportunities to experience some Montessori materials and create your own materials for use at home

• Help to develop an understanding of the role of the Montessori parent


• To understand how Dr. Montessori’s vision of education prepares the child for life

• To learn how to support your child’s learning in a specially prepared environment at home

Course Outline

Day 1

  • History of Maria Montessori
  • Planes of Development (infant/toddler and Casa)
  • 5 Core Components of Montessori- How to adapt these when home-schooling
  • Observation Skills (how to develop)
  • Introduction to Practical Life activities
  • Presentations (Preliminary, Care of self)
  • Creating a Practical Life activity for your child

Day 2

  • Prepared Environment, Absorbent Mind, Sensitive Periods, Development of Movement, Spiritual Embryo
  • Presentations (Care of Environment, Grace and Courtesy, Control of Movement)
  • Chapter Reading From Maria Montessori’s Book
  • Creating a Practical Life Activity for your child

Day 3

  • Introduction To Sensorial Activities
  • Fantasy and Imagination
  • Presentations of Sensorial Materials
  • Creating a Sensorial material for your child

Day 4

  • Three period name lesson
  • Presentation of Sensorial Materials
  • How do Sensorial Materials develop the child’s intellect? Materialized Abstraction
  • Introduction to Language(toddlers and Casa)
  • Maria Montessori quotes- Discussion

Day 5

  • Spiritual Preparation of the adult
  • Presentations of Language Materials
  • Creating a Language Material for your child, Handwriting sample
  • Chapter Reading from Maria Montessori’s book
  • Introduction to Arithmetic

Day 6

  • Presentations of Arithmetic Activities
  • Creating an arithmetic activity for your child, Making a coin box for toddlers
  • Freedom and Discipline (3 levels of obedience)
  • Introduction to Culture Activities

Day 7

  • Presentation of Culture activities
  • Creating a culture activity for your child/ story sequence cards
  • Course Assessment (includes quiz, multiple choice questions and short answers)